One Child. One Story. One Place... Lily Pad
One Child. One Story. One Place... Lily Pad

System of Care is child-focused, family-driven, strengths based and built on the belief that all caring adults must work together to make our children safe. We value our collaborative relationships and utilize a multi-disciplinary team approach to work with families affected by child abuse.


Three hundred and forty nine children were assessed for child abuse in Dougherty County in 2009. Eighty percent of the children and families served were at or below the poverty line by federal guidelines. The large majority of these families were single female homes. Male caregivers were non-existent or underreported. Half of the 349 children interviewed were suspected victims of sexual abuse or suspected witnesses of abuse. Although there is a multidisciplinary approach to child abuse investigations, the families often receive fragmented responses for aftercare. Due to the culture of poverty, the families are often hesitant to accept the few resources offered due to distrust of governmental agencies. The culture of poverty is also a barrier to the families when they realize they need assistance as they have a difficult time navigating complex systems with rigid entry points and agency jargon that is not understood by the clients.


System of Care provides family driven services through Resource Navigators at Lily Pad.  The family is afforded an advocate/Family Resource navigator at the time of services to liaison between the family and the service providers to assure as much comfort and respect possible during the initial phase of information gathering. The Family Resource Navigator also provides a link between the family and the much needed resources in the community and teaches the family how to access these resources.  


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Macee Marcus, Advocate & Volunteer Supervisor

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