One Child. One Story. One Place... Lily Pad
One Child. One Story. One Place... Lily Pad

The Bob Boren Center encompasses the SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner’s) Program that exclusively conducts all of the medical/evidentiary exams for children and adults who have been sexually assaulted in a 32 county area. These nurses provide care to over approximately 120 victims of sexual assault/abuse annually. The specially trained nurses provide free exams to victims, evidence collection for law enforcement (biologic and photographic) and expert testimony for victims in court.  SANEs also provide free follow up exams for purposes of comparison (acute exam to follow up) and STI (sexually transmitted infection) referral testing for those at risk. By having the SANE program housed in conjunction with the Firefly House CAC saves the victims of sexual assault and child sexual abuse the inconvenience of traveling to multiple locations to receive services making the Lily Pad one of very few centers in the State to have both interviewing and medical services in a single location.


The Boren Center also encompasses the Rape Crisis Program which offers a 24 hour crisis hotline for all victims of sexual assault. When a rape victim calls our hotline, they are met with a compassionate, well trained volunteer that offers crisis counseling. When law enforcement contacts a SANE nurse for a rape exam, a rape crisis volunteer is dispatched as well to the Lily Pad to comfort the victim and accompany them through the process of the law enforcement interview and the forensic medical exam. The volunteer is also available to the victim for court accompaniment.  The Rape Crisis program has expanded its’ services to accompany adolescent sexual assault victims when law enforcement brings them to the Lily Pad after business hours. They are also dispatched to the Lily Pad when a large sibling group is brought in after hours for a forensic interview to volunteer time and combine efforts in making everyone comfortable and allowing for the forensic interview process to run smoothly. This program is driven fully by a very dedicated volunteer group.

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