One Child. One Story. One Place... Lily Pad
One Child. One Story. One Place... Lily Pad

Firefly House CAC mission:
To coordinate a timely, comprehensive and multidisciplinary response to victims of child abuse in a safe and child friendly setting. Our CAC is committed to the reduction of secondary trauma to child victims of abuse during the investigative and prosecutorial process. We work in collaboration with the professionals in law enforcement, Department of Family and Children Services, the District Attorney's office, school system, mental health, and medical community, to advocate for a child's right to be heard.  At the Firefly House CAC, the journey from victim to survivor begins with the initial outcry and is followed through with healing and empowerment of child and family.


Boren Sexual Assault Center mission:

To serve the immediate primary needs of the clients including crisis intervention adn safe compassionate forensic medical evaluation and evidence collection.  The Boren center collaborates with local, state and national resources to provide a safe haven for all victims of sexual assault and their families in the immediate aftermath of an assault.


System of Care Dougherty mission:

To successfully navigate families affected by child abuse to involve multiple systems to reach self-sustaining safety and stability.


PAVES mission:

To ensure the success of children by facilitating communication and planning among

custodial and non-custodial parents so that children have safe and consistent
access to, and visitation with, both biological parents and family members.





Where to Find Us:

Executive Director:

Mary Martinez


Lily Pad SANE Center

P.O. Box 70938

Albany, GA 31708


Physical Address

320 W. 2nd Ave

Albany, GA 31701


Main :229-435-0074

Fax :  229-435-0756


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